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Not so Dangerous, Not so Extreme.

September 25, 2019 2:57 PM
By Robert O'Riordan
Dear Sir,
"Oh no not another letter about Brexit from the East Lothian Liberal Democrats" I hear you sigh. Forgive me, but in a week when Liberal Democrats, the most unlikely of candidates for the label, have been branded as "dangerous extremists" it is sensible to explain our position to East Lothian voters.
At our Conference we did pass a motion to revoke Article 50 if, and the emphasis is on if, after an election we are able to lead a majority government. In this event, the election will, in fact, have been a People's Vote. Failing this, we shall still support a People's Vote - a vote on a negotiated deal with a remain option. We would campaign to remain.
We stand for Scotland in the United Kingdom in Europe. Just as importantly we stand for reversing policies that target the poor and the excluded; working for a fairer and more inclusive economy and taking urgent and radical action on climate change.
And yes, we want to contribute towards mending a broken political system. Constitutional change that introduces PR to Westminster forms part of this agenda. Talking to voters in East Lothian, this now has wide support. Voters are fed up with party politics and want to see politicians working together in a constructive and pragmatic (not dogmatic) way to solve urgent and neglected problems.
It is time to move towards sensible, regular and inclusive forms of government;. not such a dangerous or extreme suggestion.
Robert O'Riordan
Prospective Westminster Candidate
East Lothian Scottish Liberal Democrats.