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  • Article: May 31, 2019
    By Stuart Smith

    When I woke the other day, it was like all my dreams had come true.

    And it's all because of you.

    Because of voters like you, the Lib Dems are now in the best position they have EVER been in to stop Brexit and give the people what they want. We are the BIGGEST and definitely the BEST Remain party for stopping Brexit. Our success in the European Elections just proves that the people trust us to deliver an Exit from Brexit and we will NOT let them down.

    The journey doesn't end here.

    We'll be fighting every day to stop Brexit- will you join our fight?

    If you want to have a say in the biggest Remain party, then join the Lib Dems as a member. If you join before June 7th, you will have a vote on the next leader of the Lib Dems. For just £1 a month, you can help steer the course of our party and help stop Brexit.

    Thirty years ago, the Lib Dems were founded on the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community. If these are the values you wish to safeguard, click here to join us now. I know that together, we can stop Brexit. Join our movement today, and let's fight for Britain's place at the heart of Europe.

  • Article: May 27, 2019
    By Stuart Smith

    Over the past three months Scottish Liberal Democrat campaigners have listened to hundreds of East Lothian voters both during the Haddington and Lammermuir By Election and then in the European Parliamentary Elections.

    We achieved an excellent result in the by-election increasing our vote share compared to 2017. When the Euro Vote was counted last night we achieved our best ever result at this type of election. We came 2nd with 15.1% share of the vote, a huge increase of 9.4% compared to 2014.

  • Article: Apr 26, 2019
    By Stuart Smith

    Our current Councils are too big and/or distant from the people they are supposed to serve. There is a suggestion that we actually have too few Councillors to represent us properly and should have more. Is it therefore, time to change the way that local democracy works?

    One way to do this is to allow our Councils to set up smaller groups based on local wards or polling districts and let the community run its own affairs and elect its own committee using STV. These groups could be referred to as a "development council". Each development council would arrange annual citizens' assembly for their community. The development council's job is to deliver the local vision, as set by their local citizens' assembly. They can work with other development councils to help accomplish this.

  • Stuart Crawford in Gifford.
    Article: Apr 24, 2019
    By Stuart Crawford

    We are lucky to have so many historic and natural attractions across the Ward but there appears to be no clearly stated tourism strategy. Other parts of the county have one and there's no reason why Haddington and its surrounds should not.

    We need joined up tourism, with visitors being attracted from Edinburgh and beyond by a well planned tourist trail which presents all the best we have to offer. This will need a bit of work between the Council and local community and businesses, but it can be done.

  • Article: Apr 22, 2019
    By Stuart Crawford

    You don't need me to tell you that we have problems with traffic and parking in Haddington. Transport and internet services throughout the Ward are often in a sorry state.

    In Haddington the problems have been studied and expensively consulted on and yet there is still no action. It's high time decisions are taken. Inevitably you can't please everybody so sensible compromise is needed.

  • Lib Dem rosette 2019
    Article: Apr 19, 2019
    By Stuart Crawford

    The number one topic that comes up when I'm talking to people is the impact of the new housing developments, particularly in Haddington. There's a fear that the rapid increase in population that comes with it will overwhelm local services.

    I think that's a real fear. Having enough school places is of top importance and requires new building. Also there's a real risk of not having enough suitably resourced Surgery and GP provision.

  • Stuart Crawford
    Article: Apr 13, 2019
    By Stuart Crawford

    In 1999 I founded Stuart Crawford Associates, specialising in public affairs, media communications and public relations, concentrating mainly on the Scottish Executive and Scottish Parliament with occasional forays to Westminster.

    I am als o a writer and journalist, with articles regularly published in the Scottish press and magazines and journals across the UK and abroad. I have also appeared frequently on radio and television, including BBC Newsnight Scotland, STV's Daily Politics and Scotland Tonight programmes, BBC Radio 4's Westminster Hour and Today programmes, and the BBC Daily Politics.

  • Dr Elisabeth Wilson Addresses Conference in Hamilton February 2019
    Article: Mar 1, 2019

    At the Party's Spring Conference in Hamilton, East Lothian Liberal Democrats play a prominent part in passing a motion supporting those who suffer domestic abuse.

    Dr Elisabeth Wilson, Vice Convenor, summarized a motion which, amongst other things, called for the Scottish Government to review and update the Matrimonial Homes (Family Protection) (Scotland) Act 1981 so that abusers can be swiftly moved out of homes while having their right to a home elsewhere unabridged.

  • Article: Mar 1, 2019
    By Robert O'Riordan

    The Put it to the People March will take place in London on 23 March.

    See link for details.


    This is your chance to let your voice be heard at a crucial point in the debate. This is likely to be a major event with high attendnace across the political spectrum.

    If you are interested in taking a place on a coach travelling overnight organised by the European Movement in Scotland Friday 22nd March at an approximate cost £30 please contact Bill Rodger bill_d_rodger@hotmail.com

  • Article: Feb 11, 2019
    By Robert O'Riordan in East Lothian Courier

    Dear Sir,

    Last week's vote in House of Commons takes us a step closer to an exit from Brexit. The resounding rejection of Theresa May's Brexit deal was a massive Parliamentary defeat.

    While it is encouraging to see cross-party talks eventually take place at Westminster, what is left of the Conservative Government is in crisis while Labour is still failing to provide any coherent opposition.

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