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  • Robert O'Riordan Candidate
    Article: Nov 14, 2019
    By Robert O'Riordan

    Make no mistake, this election is about Brexit.

    Lib Dems are the only party with a clear and positive plan to say in both Europe and the UK.

    Among the reasons to stay in Europe are keeping EU doctors, nurses, health and care workers in NHS Scotland; continued easy access to Europe's markets for imports and exports, co-operation on policing, security, research and education; keeping opportunities to work and travel in Europe open for future generations and, of course, 74 years of peace among the major European nations since 1945.

  • Ballot box
    Article: Nov 14, 2019
    By Stuart Smith

    There are changes to 3 venues used for polling in this December Westminster Election, 2 of them are premanent, 1 is temporary owing to the time of year.

    If you vote in Musselburgh Ward 1 - Stoneyhill area - you have a permanent change to where you go to cast your vote. You will now go to Musselburgh Rugby Club, 3a Stoneyhill Farm Road.

  • Article: Nov 10, 2019
    By Stuart Smith

    There's an important General Election on December 12th. The Liberal Democrats are campaigning to win, fighting for our place in the European Union, where we can work internationally to tackle the Climate Emergency.

    Help us make that happen.

    Be ready to vote for the Lib Dems by registering for a postal vote now.

  • Robert O'Riordan Candidate
    Article: Nov 6, 2019
    By Robert O'Riordan

    At a well-attended meeting in Haddington, Robert O'Riordan was formally adopted as the Liberal Democrat's candidate for the December General Election.

    Robert said: "We have been preparing for this election for some time and are determined to put up a good fight - our message is strong - Lib Dems want the UK to stay in Europe and we also want the Scotland to stay in the UK. This resonates with voters throughout East Lothian. Voters are fed up with divisive politics and want governments at Westminster and Holyrood to get back to their proper job - tackling urgent and pressing environmental, social and economic challenges. Parties need to work with each other and not against each other to achieve this. Mending our broken politics including constitutional reform and the introduction of PR at Westminster are top of my shopping list."

  • Article: Sep 25, 2019
    By Robert O'Riordan
    Dear Sir,
    "Oh no not another letter about Brexit from the East Lothian Liberal Democrats" I hear you sigh. Forgive me, but in a week when Liberal Democrats, the most unlikely of candidates for the label, have been branded as "dangerous extremists" it is sensible to explain our position to East Lothian voters.
  • Article: Sep 2, 2019

    Letter to the Courier

    Dear Sir,

    We might have a General Election within weeks so it is right that I reply to Mark O'Brien and Tim Jackson's letters in last week's Courier. In essence Mark said that a People's Vote is undemocratic while Tim suggests that only the Conservative Party in East Lothian is capable of delivering "the certainty and stability that people need".

    I have considerable sympathy with Mark's point; a UK majority did vote to leave Europe. However, the terms, means and costs of the exit were less than clear. A vote on any deal, or even leaving without a deal, represents more not less democracy. Since 1688 our Constitution has put ultimate power in hands of Parliament as opposed to a Monarch. We can't and shouldn't kick parliamentary democracy into touch just yet as it has been hard earned. That said, constitutional reform is needed including clarification of the place and status of a referendum so that we don't end up with any more botched jobs. There is a strong argument that the two party, first past the post Westminster system needs a radical overhaul not least so that an impasse such as the one facing this government is prevented in future. Cross party co-operation on long term policy and constitutional reform makes sense.

    Tim's point is interesting; but sorry, it is hard to find evidence that recent Conservative governments have provided either certainty or stability; rather the reverse. Taking the party out of politics and working together to mend and reform a broken system will offer hope to voters in East Lothian, Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom. Given the will, we can create a better future for our children and grandchildren and, arguably, this is the very least that we owe them.


    Robert O'Riordan.
    Prospective Westminster Parliamentary Candidate
    East Lothian Scottish Liberal Democrats.

  • Lib Dem Christmas Draw 2018
    Article: Aug 23, 2019
    By Stuart Smith

    Yes, I know it's early but you can now participate in the annual Chrstmas Draw https://libdemdraw.org.uk/east-lothian

    East & Mid Lothian Lib Dems don't get donations from the unions or big business - we rely on small donations from people like you who believe in our aim of making our area a better place to live. Please buy some raffle tickets to enable us to keep campaigning on local, national and international issues so our voice can be heard.

  • Musselburgh Action Day Jan 2019
    Article: Aug 20, 2019
    By Robert O'Riordan



    East Lothian Scottish Liberal Democrats along with colleagues from Lothians held an Action Day in Musselburgh on Saturday August 17th.

    Liberal Democrat party members delivered leaflets and canvassed in the streets around Stoneyhill Primary School. This area is in the Midlothian North and Musselburgh Holyrood Constituency and the East Lothian Westminster constituency.

  • Article: Aug 12, 2019
    By Robert O'Riordan in East Lothian Courier

    Dear Sir,

    The Government is now preparing for a "no deal" Brexit. East Lothian voters should be aware of the possibly disastrous economic and other consequences of such a move.

    I realise that voters in East Lothian are fed up with both Brexit and politicians but may I once more point out that there is an easy, democratic and sensible way out of the current bind? That is simply to put the negotiated deal to a People's Vote with an option to stay in the European Union. This has wide cross party support and will avert a very hazardous leap into the unknown. To support this cross part initiative go to https://www.peoples-vote.uk .

  • Article: Jul 3, 2019
    By Stuart Smith

    The Scottish Government have recently announced (https://www.citizensassembly.scot/) they will arrange to conduct a "citizen's assembly" to discuss the future of Scotland.

    Scottish Liberal Democrats party leader has indicated they will not participate in this exercise as they believe it is just a "whitewash" with the results being ignored if it says in it's not in favour of independence. Of course this is not party policy as it hasn't been discussed at conference, it's just a statement from the party leader. And it's a statement the local party does not agree with. We are in favour of co-operating with other people on an issue by issue basis. We are in favour of looking into this type of process to answer important questions and make decisions on them. We should engage in constructive criticism to ensure the process is robust enough to meet everyone's needs and not take part in "knee-jerk reactions" to suit a "political purpose".

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